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Our Story

We began a ministry to young mothers

in February of 2022.

Our vision was to give mothers a place to bring

their children to be taken care of

while they have time to get to know each other

and have fun and food together.

Our first session was so much fun that 

we decided to do it again in the fall of 2022.

We believe that motherhood is the most important

job on the planet, but it is vastly misunderstood.

Mothers are constantly bombarded with 

tasks that no one else will do and yet

they relish their duties.

However, it can get to be a heavy load

and our goal is to come along side them

and give them a short respite 

and words of encouragement  to make their

job a little easier. 

Please register and put it on your calendar so you

don't miss a single session.

You will be bless, refreshed and encouraged.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

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Please check back 

later in the Summer 

for our Fall


We hope you have a great Summer.

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

We are a group of mothers who come together for food, fun and a few minutes away from our kids while we refresh.

We share the common goal of being good parents but realize that to be our best we must also feed our spirits with fellowship and time spent with other like minded moms.

Our group has a devotional time for spiritual growth and then we eat, laugh and share our lives with each other.

Please come and join us.

Please register and pay below.

Meet The Team

Alexis Carlson

MTO Leader

Pastor Joan Stowell

MTO Coordinator

Ashley Stowell

MTO Leader

Sue Brockett

MTO Mentor

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