Our Story

In January of 2022 Pastor Joan realized that it was time

for people to start living again.

Covid has separated people and

we need each other.

She met with a group of young mothers in the church. 

Each of them began to work at designing

a program that would work for the 

church and the community.

They each began to invite other moms

and people they would run into at the grocery store.

We soon had a full room and lots of

kids to take care of.

Wow! What a blessing to us and to them. 

The first meeting was on Thursday, February 10, 2022

from 10:00 AM to Noon.

We have 2 meetings left for this session.

May 5 and May 19, 2022

We still have a little room so if you would

like to join us please pre-register so we can plan for you.

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are a group of mothers who come together for food, fun and a few minutes away from our kids while we refresh.

We share the common goal of being good parents but realize that to be our best we must also feed our spirits with fellowship and time spent with other like minded moms.

Our group has a devotional time for spiritual growth and then we eat, laugh and share our lives with each other.

Please come and join us.

Please register and pay below.

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Meet The Team

Feb-May, 2022

The cost for this session is $25.00

Please click the donate button below to pay for the MTO Sessions. Then follow this link to register for the event. You will need to do both to be fully registered for the upcoming sessions.

Alexis Carlson

MTO Leader

Norma Darnell

MTO Leader

Ashley Stowell

MTO Leader

Pastor Joan Stowell

MTO Coordinator

Nancy Michael

MTO Mentor

Gloria Majeed

MTO Mentor

Lorraine Keary

MTO Mentor

Sue Brockett

MTO Mentor

Pam Robison

MTO Mentor